The meaning of Puganufur

Puganufur is actually a meaningless word. According to the legend, this word was spoken for the first time by Érico Gibbon – Puganufur Productions’ founder and its only employee – while he was sleeping.

Puganufur works

Animations are the most important among all Puganufur creations. But we – I – also draw and web design. This entire website was designed by Puganufur Productions itself.

How do I animate?

Puganufur animations are all done making use of Microsoft Paint and Windows Movie Maker. Characters and background are drawn separately and then I bring all together. Each movement requires a copy of the background.


The world and its amazing culture are the most inspiring things to Puganufur. Music is also important to my creation process. Some melodies are just waiting to be “animated” or “painted”.

Indian culture

Animations like “Mataji” and “Radha” are result of my special interest devoted to Indian culture. India is unique, place of a living ancient cultural heritage. Its music, dance, history, mythology, architecture and even movies from the well known Indian film industry really stimulate my mind in a different way.

Where is Puganufur from?

Puganufur is from Brazil, based in the city of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul State.